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What To Do When Your Skin is Stressed

Stylisted - What To Do When Your Skin is Stressed

Needless to say, this week has been draining. Paired on top of last week’s Cubbies victory, we are simply exhausted. We’re jetting off again next week to Europe (don’t worry, you won’t even notice we’re gone), but wanted to leave you with this before we departed. This is the skincare/pamper routine we turn to when we’re stressed or down (or even after a lot of excitement!). Simply put, as the title suggests, it’s what to do when your skin is stressed. It’s our method of self-care and one we find particularly calming. At a time like this, no matter your political allegiance, it’s especially important to practice self-care. Care for yourself because the holidays are nearing, because you poured everything into an election, because it’s darker earlier now, because winter is coming ;). Whatever the reason, practicing self-care is essential. How do you expect to take care of others when you won’t take care of yourself? So, treat yourself with this routine. You deserve it. (P.S. Find our normal pamper routine here.)


Step 1: Light candles. Put on calming music that makes you feel good. Change into your coziest pajamas.

Step 2: Draw a bath or take a hot shower. Get out that hair mask you never use. Try out a new body scrub or bath salt. Lather yourself in your favorite body lotion or oil. Don’t bother with your hair (seriously, embrace that natural texture tonight and deal with a bun tomorrow. Or do it – but only if it makes you feel better).

Step 3: Put on your favorite perfume. Scent is so powerful and choosing a familiar, comforting smell can instantly lift your mood.

Step 4: Skincare. This is where the good stuff comes in. We recommend doing a deep, spa-like clean of your face. Remove whatever makeup you have on with a soft cleansing balm and warm washcloth – no pulling or aggressive rubbing! Be gentle. Spritz on a rosewater spray. Immediately after, warm your washcloth and place it on your face for a DIY steam. Apply a face mask (you know we love this one).

Step 5: Do whatever calms you. Make a good meal. Order in. Call your best friend. Watch trashy tv. Read your favorite novel. Paint your nails. Sing and dance to music that makes you feel alive. Open a bottle of wine. Heat the kettle for a comforting cup of tea.

Step 6: Gently wipe off the face mask and repeat the facial water spritz plus DIY steam method. Apply this Aesop face oil for a glow you won’t believe, this rose oil for the delicious scent and glowiness, and this May Lindstrom product that is half oil half actual cocoon that soothes your skin, calms redness, and restores hydration. This is quite the pricey trio but nothing does better for stressed skin – we promise.

Step 7: Hand cream. Lip balm. Cuticle oil. Eye cream. All the other skincare goodies you normally disregard.

Step 8: Do whatever makes you feel hopeful. Write in a journal. Meditate. Listen to your favorite podcast. Watch an uplifting TED talk. Anything that leaves you feeling good.

Step 9: Rest and try again tomorrow.

What To Do When Your Skin is Stressed

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What To Do When Your Skin is Stressed

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