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Weekly Beauty Link Love #42

Stylisted - Homemade Face Mask, 2016 Hair, and more

This week was a long one, so we’re going to keep it short and sweet here. We have lots of fun things planned for February and March, which means it’s nice to have nothing too crazy happening right now. We’re excited to begin some fun new partnerships for the blog, as well as showcase some exciting local events. Stay tuned! Now, on to the links we loved from the past week.


  • One of our favorite things about Naomi Davis from Love Taza is her penchant for bright lipstick. Find some of her favorites of the moment here.
  • Wondering how you should shake up your haircut this year? Let your astrological sign guide you.
  • If you’re new to makeup or have been struggling with your base lately, Amanda has a super informative tutorial on applying face makeup.


  • Is working out in the morning on your list of new year resolutions? Find out how we plan on incorporating it, and see some of our 2016 beauty resolutions here.
  • We use to hate air drying our hair in the winter, but this routine has changed that.
  • Spontaneous trips are our favorite. If you feel the same and want to incorporate more travel into your day to day, try keeping a standby travel makeup kit so all you have to do is grab & go!

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #42

How to Air Dry Your Hair to Perfection

Weekly Beauty Link Love #42

Four New Beauty Products We Can’t Wait To Try

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