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Trending Tuesday: Mask Bingeing

Stylisted - Trending Tuesday: Mask Bingeing

The mask market boomed in the last half of 2016, with countless high-end and drugstore options popping up on the weekly. We’ve now got sheet masks, mud masks, clay masks, splash masks, and on and on, to tempt us in the beauty aisles. But how are we supposed to know which to use for what and when to use it? Well, the media is crediting millennials for coming up with a good solution: use them all in one night and don’t look back.

The trend is called mask bingeing, which requires the use of several masks, one right after another, all in one night. The idea is to treat various problem areas and skin issues in one masking session – if you’re familiar with multi-masking (which uses different masks on different areas of the face to treat issues simultaneously), you can think of mask bingeing as multi-masking’s older, more committed sister. To mask binge, you will need: a) an investment in several different masks, b) time, c) patience and d) more time.

As far as we can tell, there are potentially more cons than pros to this new trend. First, it’s hard enough to get a one-mask regime going, let alone set aside an entire evening to apply a handful of them properly. Additionally, there are no rules to mask bingeing, and no handbook on which mask to use first or which one to use last. Combining different formulas has the potential to backfire and have the opposite effect you’re going for, leaving your skin troubles worse than when you started! And that’s not the immediate gratification that millennials (or any of us!) are hoping for.

Another downside: mask bingeing can be expensive. We’re not sure how many masks constitute a true binge, but even two drugstore masks can easily set you back $20 (L’Oreal has some new clay masks that look promising for $12.99).  Unsure which mask your skin will like best?  Try fan fave Peter Thomas Roth’s sampler set and test some out before getting a full jar. Not ready to commit? Try a DIY mask to start.

While the skincare industry may have nothing to lose with this trend, treating a myriad of skin issues (acne, dryness, excess oil, sunburn, sun spots, age spots, rosacea, etc.) by mask bingeing could end up being an ultimate loss for the consumer. Our advice is to stick to one mask at a time and leave the bingeing up to Netflix.

Have you tried mask-binging? Let us know in the comments!
Trending Tuesday: Mask Bingeing

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Trending Tuesday: Mask Bingeing

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