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The Ultimate Sunday Haircare Routine

Stylisted - The Ultimate Sunday Haircare Routine

Every Sunday, we like to treat ourselves to a special hair treatment. Nothing too complicated, but because we’ve been doing it for so long, we thought it might be worth writing down what exactly we do. Starting with our long-time number one, Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo, we give our hair a deep clean, eliminating all of the pounds of dry shampoo and texture spray that has been building up for the past week (oops – too gross?). We love the Sunday Shampoo because it’s super clarifying without being stripping. It never leaves our hair uncomfortably tight or clean, but instead keeps it refreshed and ready for all the dry shampoo in the week to come. (Sidenote – we promise we wash our hair more than 1x a week! Though props to those who can get away with 1x only!) Following the Sunday Shampoo, we turn to one of our favorite ever hair masks, this one by Arrojo, which came as a recommendation from our hair colorist a few years ago. We simply apply a quarter-sized amount to our mid-lengths and ends of our hair and let it sit for as long as possible (this is when we recommend shaving or exfoliating or whatever else you might need to do in the shower). Once we’ve kept it in for our maximum time, simply rinse out and brush with the best hairbrush ever. This hairbrush/mask combo removes all tangles and leaves your hair hydrated and clean. As you now know, we’re not fans of super clean hair so we prefer to only do this routine once a week, but for those who like shiny, fresh locks, up to two times a week wouldn’t kill you. With most long shower experiences, we try to make it as spa-like as possible and tend to go all out with a face mask that’s designed to work best in the steam of the shower (May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud), a great body exfoliator, and a luxurious shower oil. Add some serene tunes or your favorite podcast and watch all your stress melt away!

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The Ultimate Sunday Haircare Routine

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The Ultimate Sunday Haircare Routine


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