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7 Beauty Trends to Ditch in 2017

More was more in 2016.  We saw trends in strobing, stiletto nails, glitter everything, and contour kits with 15 shades, of which we only knew what to do with two.

Here are the trends we’re waving buh-bye to from 2016:

1) Fake Freckles. Did anyone actually try this in real life? Please let us know in the comments if you did and what it was like, or if you saw it at the office, or if you’d still like to try it. While we’re 100% on board with our freckled ladies embracing what they’ve got rather than covering up, we’re also wondering who without natural freckles has the extra time to draw on individual ones, in addition to applying their full-face contour routine.

2) Full-face contour routines. RIP to the items we contoured in 2016: nose, cheeks, lips, necks, foreheads, chins. Admittedly, nothing makes us feel more like a real makeup artist than whipping out our 24-pan highlight/contour kit, but even after a year of practice, we still cannot get our noses to look straightened and slimmed.

3) Over-lined Lips. Another technique we never fully mastered in 2016, and therefore will happily discard. Did anyone ever end up getting the hang of this? We never saw it live and in action IRL, but it was all over YouTube Instagram, and Kylie Jenner, where, admittedly, they nailed it.

4) Instagram Eyebrows. The eyebrow was the star of the show in 2016! It’s not going anywhere in 2017 (good news!) but the shape will be changing and the lines won’t be so perfect. The Instagram Eyebrow was a great place to start practicing brow makeup with its oversized, sharp lines and ability to cover mistakes with loads of concealer (thank you ditched trend #2!). A fond farewell to this beauty style.

5) Detox Teas & Waist Trainers. Get out of our feeds already! These may not be makeup items, but detox teas and waist trainers make claims that are overwhelmingly unattainable and have potentially harmful side effects (which can’t simply be washed off at night). Therefore, they need to be scrubbed clean from our daily scrolling.

6) Super-long nails. While we are fans of the longer, almond-shaped nail, 2016 took things to the extreme. Whether they were stiletto, coffin, or ballerina, they were just too long.  How do those girls even unwrap a piece of gum?

7) Instagram Makeup. Alright so we’re bidding adieu to a lot of “extra” this year – the fake freckles, the heavy contour, the heavy brow, the giant lip, the super-long nail, and ultimately, the super-heavy face of makeup found regularly on Instagram. The 2017 trends will let a little more “natural” back into our lives, with the potential for our morning routines to be cut in half. Ok maybe cut by 1/3. Who are we kidding it will still take just as long.

{photo by Andres Rodriguez/PhotoSpin}



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