The One Product We Never Knew We Needed


Stylisted - The One Product We Never Knew We Neededd

It started a while back, after a hot summer day full of work and errands left our makeup melting right off our face. Unfortunately, this was not an unusual case as summer humidity always caused our makeup to break down beginning at 3 PM. Sick of glancing in the mirror and not recognizing the work from the morning, we took to testing out primers, new foundations and application methods, and oil blotting sheets to solve our problem. When nothing else seemed to work, we decided it might be time to give powder a go.

We know, we know. We can hear the skepticism about powder from here 😉

As we were dealing with a problem with our base, we headed straight to our favorite high-end counter for some help (we think foundation is an area you shouldn’t be afraid to splurge, after all!). Once we reached the Chanel counter and described our dilemma, we were immediately directed to the Natural Finish Pressed Powder, which is supposed to provide a translucent, matte finish thanks to a lightweight formula and light-reflecting pigments. What we found after applying the powder the next day was nothing short of magic. Our makeup stayed in place longer, looked fresher, and we couldn’t even tell we had added anything extra to the skin.

It’s been a few months now and we are happy to report the same findings we had on day 1. Powder, our once most hated makeup product, has become our new BFF. We can even see ourselves wearing this powder beyond just the warm, humid months. So, if you were ever a skeptic of the cakey, totally obvious feeling of powders past, do yourself a favor and give the modern powder formula a go. You may be surprised, too.

Looking for a drugstore alternative? We have plenty we love! This one from Maybelline is a beaut, Rimmel makes one to keep you matte, L’Oreal’s is a classic, and this one from Revlon is actually one of the first powders to change our view of them!
The One Product We Never Knew We Needed

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The One Product We Never Knew We Needed

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