Why Holographic Nails Are The New French Manicure

Stylisted - Why Holographic Nails Are The New French Manicure

It’s been a while since we chatted nails on this little corner of the Internet. Mostly because we tend to devote more time and energy to all things makeup, skincare, and hair and nails just kind of become a leftover chore. Which brings us to today’s two pressing questions: 1.) What do you prioritize in your beauty routine? and 2.)What are your thoughts on trendy nail styles?

YouTube stars like Kandee Johnson seem to have started the new trend of holographic nails. There are nail salons all over the country that have started to even specialize in this new funky nail art. The L.A nail artist, @yvynails, is changing the nail game for acrylic nails – do you have a go-to spot in your city? We’re so curious.

The trend appears to have started earlier this summer when Kandee Johnson posted a photo on her Facebook of her nails becoming“chromed” out. Kandee is not the only celeb obsessing over this new nail style, though. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid have also fallen in love with chrome manicures. For the Met Gala, Hadid reportedly spent over $2,000 on her fresh manicure. Don’t worry! We are by no means suggesting going to such extravagant measures for this trendy look! There are several beauty salons where it won’t cost you anywhere near that amount.

Still not convinced? Apparently, it’s not too hard to do it yourself! Kandee Johnson even posted a YouTube video giving her audience the how-to in getting these nails on your own through a short and sweet five-minute video on her channel. 

While the holographic nail trend is a really exciting direction for nails to be heading, we have just loved following along more than anything. However, after seeing Instagram’s top beauty influence, Huda Beauty, reveal rose gold holographic nails of her own, we’re sold.

Why Holographic Nails Are The New French Manicure

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Why Holographic Nails Are The New French Manicure

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