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Weekly Beauty Link Love #31

Burberry London Fashion Week Makeup 2016

As you may have noticed if you read yesterday’s post, we’ve given the blog a little facelift to polish it up, better highlight the content, and make it much more user friendly (and, to be totally honest, prettier 😉 ). We really hope you like it! If you have any comments regarding the new design in particular, feel free to leave them below and we’ll get back to you! Now, on to the links we’ve been loving this week:


  • Any beauty lover knows that Wendy Rowe is a makeup force to be reckoned with. We absolutely love that she currently works with Burberry to create beautiful looks for their runway shows, leaving us inspired after every LFW. Lucky for us, she broke down 3 of her favorite looks (and how to recreate them!) on Into the Gloss this week.
  • Sarah shared her September favorites the other day, and as usual, we want everything. Find her latest obsessions here.
  • Who knew you could get so many different looks with one curling iron! The Everygirl’s Beauty Editor demonstrated 3 wavy hairstyles that can be achieved with just one curling iron. One to bookmark.



Weekly Beauty Link Love #31

An Easy Eye Makeup Switch-up That Will Change Your Whole Look

Weekly Beauty Link Love #31

September 2015 Beauty Favorites

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