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Weekly Beauty Link Love #8

Weekend Reads 8 - Stylisted

With snow covering the lovely city of Chicago this Monday, we’re looking forward to spring more than ever. In the meantime, we’ve been devouring spring inspiration wherever we can get it. This week, we’ve read up on:


– Laurie from 312 Beauty shared her #beautyshelfie, which featured the ever-intriguing MAKE Face Gloss. We feel like we’ve been seeing this everywhere lately, so we’re glad to see it’s gotten her seal of approval.

– The Everygirl showed the coolest hairstyle we can’t wait to wear all spring and summer. Best of all, their braided fauxhawk actually seems doable. If it’s not working out for you, though, you can always have one of our stylists help you out 😉

– Into The Gloss talks hyperpigmentation and how to best treat and prevent it. Especially relevant heading into the warmer months!

– High-tech fluid foundations can be found all over the high-end and drugstore market these days, but are they gimmicky or does the technology actually deliver? Two Fashionista editors put some of the most well-known options to the test.

{Image via William Iven for Unsplash}

Weekly Beauty Link Love #8

Hair Trend: Balayage

Weekly Beauty Link Love #8

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