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Weekly Beauty Link Love #6

Stylisted - Weekend Reads 6

As we mentioned in this post, we’ve got lots of traveling coming up this month! So it should come as no surprise that some of this week’s best of beauty links are travel-related. We hope you enjoy regardless.


– Chriselle shared her go-to beauty uses for eggs – we know, it sounds strange, but she swears it tightens and firms your face. We can’t wait to try out the Egg White and Honey Face Mask/Peel!

– Amanda gave us the best in spring nail inspiration – matte pastels. The final nail product looks fresh and simple – something we can totally get behind. Also worth checking out just to see her cool gold rings!

– The Style Line served up Allure Senior Digital Editor, Lauren Caruso’s, beauty routine and we’re enthralled. We especially love the question she wishes people would ask her more often. Such a great way of thinking!

– We’re looking forward to giving Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup’s “Post Traveling Pamper” a go when we finish our time away. We can only hope our skin will thank us for it.

– For our trip down to New Orleans, we’re turning to Juley’s 24 hour guide she created for Design*Sponge. We’re excited to check out her recommendations – let us know if you have any others!

{Photo via Death to the Stock Photo}

Weekly Beauty Link Love #6

Travel Bag: New Orleans

Weekly Beauty Link Love #6

Spring ’15 Inspiration: Matte Nails

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