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Weekly Beauty Link Love #2

Stylisted - Weekend Reads #2
Another week, another best of beauty links roundup. Here’s what we loved this week:


– A Cup of Jo provided scientific backing behind why you might always be running late. This now gives chronically late people (self included) another excuse: “I’m just wired that way!” Yes!

– Thanks to Instagram, we recently discovered a beauty blogger we had (somehow) not been following already. Sarah Loves Makeup and we do, too.  We also love her photography and just about every post she uploads. Looking for a natural day or night look? Start here.

– In case you didn’t catch Hallie’s post during “snow storm” Juno, it’s chock-full of snow day survival tips, including how to get Gmail offline. Who even knew that was possible? Hallie, of course.

– Jessica posted the cutest traveling outfit, making us want to head straight to the airport ourselves. Worth looking at for her new luggage alone – gorgeous!

– We’re hoping to kick off 2015 with a brighter complexion and are following these tips from to get us there.


Any other weekend reading recommendations for us? We’re also currently reading this, like everyone else.

{image via Death to the Stock Photo}

Weekly Beauty Link Love #2

January Makeup Favorites

Weekly Beauty Link Love #2

Snow Day Survival Tips

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