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Weekly Beauty Link Love #14

Stylisted - Weekend Best of Beauty Links 14

Another Friday, another 2 post special! While these double blog posts won’t be a regular occurrence, we just couldn’t help but share the details from our feature with The Infatuation earlier. Sidenote: have you checked out the contest we’ve partnered with them for? It’s pretty awesome, if we say so ourselves. Free hair/makeup/food? What more does a girl need?¬†Anyway, back to the regular programming. Here are the beauty links we loved this week:


Victoria posts some of the best link roundups and always has us reading great stuff. Thanks to her, we read a fun profile on one of our lifelong role models, Anna Wintour, and Garance Dore’s Editor’s Letter about ambient taste (if you read one thing this week, let it be that!).

– Hallie shared her trick to keeping makeup in place while working out. Chicago friends – she’s teaching a class at our very first SoulCycle next week!

– Sabrina from The Beauty Lookbook shared her travel beauty picks for spring in the most organized manor we’ve ever seen. If you need help getting organized for travel, this post will save you.

– This music video about men’s thoughts on makeup had us laughing all day.

– If you’re anything like us, you try to boycott heat styling your hair as frequently as possible. For those of you with natural hair, Byrdie put together 4 no-heat styles for some fresh inspiration.


РThe Met Gala provided some bold fashion and beauty choices. Our favorites in each category chosen here.

– Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Have you planned anything special yet? We’ll be going with a Stylisted gift card (of course), but you can view our entire gift guide for more suggestions.

– Speaking of timely events, graduation season is upon us. Get all the inspiration you need from lip choices to hair styles perfect for graduates and regular old attendees.

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #14

The Infatuation x Stylisted

Monthly Must-Haves: May 2015

Monthly Must-Haves: May 2015

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