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Weekly Beauty Link Love #13

Stylisted - Weekly Beauty Link Love 13

Image via Morgan Forney

Happy Friday! As usual, we’ve got plenty of fun link love from the beauty world for you.

We’re looking forward to a weekend of (hopefully) warmer temperatures and shooting fresh, new content. We’ve also partnered with the beautiful Morgan Forney for her event at Chicago’s Madewell tonight. Make sure to check-in on Instagram for the final look!


– We’d be contouring our face every day if we knew it was possible in just one minute. Thanks to Emily, we now know how.

– Body care is just as important as skin care, so it’s always nice to get a bit of a reminder when we’ve been slacking. Leave it to Grace to know exactly the types of products that can get you bikini ready in a flash. We’ll be picking up the coffee body scrub, Frank, asap. She’s been responsible for this other purchase, as well.

– It’s barely spring, yet we’re already thinking ahead to summer. The Everygirl rounded up the hair trends we have to look forward to in the next few months. Are you already rocking any? You know we’re all about the balayage.

– Into The Gloss. Lisa Eldridge. Top Shelf. Need we say anything more?

– Jess talked skincare and mistakes you might be making when washing your face. She’s been swearing by cod liver oil lately – have you tried supplements at all?

Weekly Beauty Link Love #13

Kentucky Derby Hair and Makeup

Weekly Beauty Link Love #13

2015 Met Gala Best Dressed

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