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Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty

Sticking with our organic product kick, we’ve recently been using Vapour Organic Beauty and think we’ve found the key to getting that perfect, beachy, no-makeup makeup look—just in time for summer.

Based out of Taos, New Mexico (they own their own lab and manufacture there as well!), the creators of Vapour Organic Beauty channel Taos’ light and energy when creating their unique formulas.  To get a feel for what goes into these born-from-the-earth formulas, check out their ingredient glossary here.   Plus, Vapour’s products are water-less, as compared to most liquid products on the market today that contain 70% water.  This means that the formulas remove all filler and contain only the hero ingredients, leaving you with non-diluted products that won’t dry out your skin.  Yes, please!

With over 150 items to choose from, we tested out three of the top sellers.  What’d we find?  That Vapour’s signature look is described as a Lit From Within Glow, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

What we tried:

Stratus Soft Focus Perfecting Primer – applying this primer is equivalent to applying the flattering Snapchat filter with a pinky hue and subtle sheen.  It evens your skin tone and creates a smooth base for your makeup.   You can also wear it alone (as we’ve been doing) for an angelic glow.

Moonlight Pink Halo Illuminator – this highlighter is super subtle and light weight.  It’s perfect for those of us who always admire our friends who can beautifully apply a highlighter—but are afraid of overdoing it on our own.  Two quick swipes on your cheekbones and you’re set.

Artist Multi-Use Palette in Rendez-Vous – this will cut your makeup bag bulk in half.  It’s a highlighter, mauve lip gloss (our favorite!), and cream blush (which we also used on our lids).  Throw a mascara in your bag and you’re DONE.

*Vapour Organic Beauty was kind enough to send us these products to try, but this is not a paid post.
Vapour Organic Beauty

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Vapour Organic Beauty

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