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5 Pretty Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Stylisted - Halloween Makeup Cat

With Halloween coming up so quickly, we at Stylisted have been getting in the spirit of this spooky holiday with some amazing Halloween makeup. We have scoured the web for interesting Halloween ideas, and, as always, our stylists are ready to lend a helping hand whenever they are needed! Whether you want to look a little scary or flat-out gorgeous, this Halloween makeup can help you on your way to the perfect costume.

Stylisted - Halloween Makeup Witch

Wicked Witch

Are you tired of witch makeup always including green skin and warts? Here are some dramatic makeup ideas that would pair well with a witch costume, but you won’t have to touch the green face paint! Spider webs and fake eyelashes make for a surprising and dramatic take on traditional witch makeup. If you want something even more daring, try black cream eye shadow that looks like it’s dripping down your face with black lipstick to complete the look.


Stylisted - Halloween Makeup Masquerade

Masquerade Mask

Adding a masquerade mask is always an easy way to make a costume complete.  This year, try a new way of wearing a masquerade mask—a mask made completely out of makeup! This mysterious look can be done with a stencil and airbrush makeup. Some black eyeliner and gold eye shadow just around the tear ducts will make your eyes stand out. This look used an ombre red lip to play up the intrigue.


Stylisted - Halloween Makeup Vampire

Vicious Vampire

Are you obsessed with Vampire Diaries?  If you decided to dress up as one of the characters or any other vampire, here’s a picture you can reference. Reddish eye shadow, black eyeliner, and drawn-on red veins under the eyes make you look just like you’re one of the undead.

Stylisted - Halloween Makeup Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat

Vampire Diaries not your thing? How about Alice in Wonderland?  This take on the Cheshire Cat is gorgeously creepy with that famous Cheshire smile drawn on to make you like you have a very large, toothy grin. Silver eyeliner around the tear ducts, black eyeliner around the rest of the eye, and fake eyelashes are also important parts of this look. The blue hair and blue eyebrows don’t have to be permanent: try a blue wig with blue eye shadow over your eyebrows. Those specialty contacts take the look to the next level!*

Stylisted - Halloween Makeup Cracked Doll


Not-So Darling Dolls

A cracked porcelain doll is another costume idea you could try. Drawing fake cracks on your face, along with some white face powder is one way to do this look. You could also use fake eyelashes: apply the bottom lashes a little lower than your natural lash line and fill in the remaining space with white eyeliner. This will make your eyes look bigger!

Note: Make sure if you consider specialty contacts to only use contacts recommended by an optometrist, as some specialty contacts can damage your eyes.

5 Pretty Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

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5 Pretty Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

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