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Travel Guide: Must-Haves & No-Gos

Stylisted - Travel Must-Haves & No-GosTaking a trip soon? Let us help you pack.

– Big Hair and Hair-do Care –

Depending on our hair types and skin types, we can all get away with different things, but the ultimate goal is to pack lightly.

  • For difficult hair: Find your product that makes you tick. Maybe it’s Moroccan Oil, maybe it’s dry shampoo, maybe it’s styling balm. Pick your fave and don’t be afraid to splurge a little on one great product rather than lug several lesser ones.  Your suitcase will thank you later.
  • For easy hair: Lucky you, less product to pack! We recommend a product like this that will detangle, nourish, and add shine.

– The Skin You’re In –

BB, CC, foundation, tinted moisturizer…so many choices, so much to accidentally over-pack.

  • CC creams and tinted moisturizers tend to be a bit thinner than foundations and BB creams. If your skin tends to be smoother and clearer, these are great all-in-one options.
  • If your skin needs a little extra attention and blemish damage control, go for BB creams and foundations, as they are thicker and can act better as cover-up. You can also bring a powder compact (this one is our fave!) as an extra boost for shine control (perfect to keep in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups).

Tip: Having trouble finding the perfect consistency and shade or worrying about running out? Mix whatever you’ve got with a little moisturizer while you apply and the color will be smoother, subtler, and a bit more even.

– The Rest –

  • Option 1: Try for multitasking products like chubby eye pencils that work as liner or shadow or both simultaneously, bronzers and highlighters that double as eye shadows, and lip stains that could also work as blush and vice versa.
  • Option 2: Take one of each product and pick one good look to stick with all trip. Subtle looks work best for this approach.
  • Option 3: Mix and match the methods above, or pack a punch with one bold go–to like a lipstick or shadow!
Travel Guide: Must-Haves & No-Gos

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Travel Guide: Must-Haves & No-Gos

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