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Weekly Beauty Link Love #26

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Not to continue harping on about our DC Stylisted launch, but did you know, we launch in just a few weeks!! Make sure you’ve signed up so you’re ready to book as soon as it’s available. (P.S. Are you a DC stylist? Apply to join here!)

In related news, we’re putting the finishing touches on something you may be seeing if you live in the Chicago area very soon. We can’t wait to share more!

What have you been up to this August? What would you like to see more of on this little blog of ours?


– The multiple uses of the Glossier Phase 1 kit – if you’re on the fence about purchasing it 😉

– Between the pool, ocean, and sun, summer wrecks havoc on our blonde hair. For those of you in need of a bit of toning shampoo to reduce the brassiness, The Beauty Mark rounded up their favorites.

– Beauty dust and a dry shampoo under $10 that is CLEAR and (supposedly) awesome? Yes, please. Loving all things recommended by Elizabeth Dehn lately.

– The Cut began a new series showcasing 5 beauty products they’ve got their eye on each month. It’s a witty and information read, just how we like them. Also – can we talk about those Sephora Hakuho-do brushes?!

– Emily has learned some amazing makeup secrets from makeup artists over the years. We particularly liked her tip about applying powder immediately after primer and before foundation.


– Time is running out to get $20 to Stylisted just by dining out! Find out how here.

– Traveling this summer? We pulled together a list of everything you absolutely can’t forget to pack. Feel free to thank us later!

– We’re always on the quest for beachy, texturized hair. This spray is the closest we’ve come to finding it.

{image via Ashley Ella Design}

Weekly Beauty Link Love #26

The One Product We Never Knew We Needed

Weekly Beauty Link Love #26

Diner En Blanc Hair & Makeup Inspiration

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