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The Winter Edit: Makeup

Stylisted - The Winter Makeup Edit

Monday morning, an early alarm and subzero temperatures. How can you possibly be expected to get yourself ready for the day when you can’t even muster up the energy to get out of bed? Easy. This quick weatherproof look will be done just as your coffee finishes brewing. No need to use exactly what’s listed here – fit the look to what you already own (or, if you’re like us, this will have you heading to your nearest Sephora in no time).


Step 1: Put the coffee on.

Step 2: The base. After your usual morning skincare routine, grab your trusty do-it-all BB cream. These were all the rage last year (and in Asia long before that), but they still hold a place in our daily routine for the ease of application, natural coverage and nourishing feeling on the skin. We love the Dior one, but any will do so long as it’s hydrating enough your skin won’t fall off when the polar vortex comes at you with a vengeance.

Step 3: Cheeks. We love a good pop of color on the cheeks to enhance your already wind-chapped rosiness. This Tarte one in the shade “Natural Beauty” is the perfect color to complement the lips, but also provides more hydration than a normal powder blush.

Step 4: Eyes. We’ve got an option for everyone with our eye picks. For the minimal makeup lover, throw on a bit of a liquid highlighter (like Benefit’s Sun Beam) under the browbone and in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten everything up. It adds a natural sheen to your eyes, making you look healthy and well-rested. For a bit more work, grab your favorite gold-toned cream shadow and sweep it all over the lids with your finger. Cream shadows are our favorite because they can be worn alone, or as the base for a more dramatic look. But the real reason we love them? They’re ridiculously quick and easy. Finally, if you’re looking to do a bit of blending with a shadow brush, we’re all about the glowy look MAC’s Veluxe Pearl shadow in Cosmic (unfortunately limited edition, but this is similar) provides. It’s one of our favorite golds for every skin tone.

Step 5: Lips. A quick swipe of lipstick pulls every outfit together, and Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate lipsticks are the best drugstore bet for the job. The color #107 is a stunning berry that isn’t too matte, glossy or high maintenance. It’s incredibly pigmented, wears all day and was designed by Kate Moss, which pretty much makes you a supermodel just for wearing it.


And you’re done! The perfect five minute seasonally appropriate face to keep you glowing all day long. Show us your own recreations on Instagram with the hashtag #GetStylisted.

The Winter Edit: Makeup

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The Winter Edit: Makeup

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