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Weekly Beauty Link Love #61

Stylisted - The Glorious Heresies, Hair Color, and More

As usual with beauty link loves these days, we’re starting off with what we’re reading lately. This book landed on our desk recently and we haven’t been able to put it down. The Glorious Heresies follows Ryan and Karine’s relationship through the turmoil of life in Cork, Ireland. As you could probably tell, this is not a light summer read like last month’s book but we love it for it’s story and the author’s (occasionally excessive) use of metaphors. The story covers alcoholism, abuse, drug dealing and prostitution so it’s a nice switch-up from summer fluff before you get back into the hardcore thrillers (speaking of, counting down the days til Girl On The Train!).

What’re you reading this month? We’d love to know your recommendations in the comments below. Now, on to the links:


  • Kate also had a website facelift and it’s looking more beautiful than ever. This post on SPF is our recent fave.


  • Would you ever go grey?


{Disclaimer – I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.}

Weekly Beauty Link Love #61

Is Grey Hair The New Blonde?

Weekly Beauty Link Love #61

How Much Do You Spend on Beauty Products?

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