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The Best Natural Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

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For the 51% of women in the US with sensitive skin, purchasing beauty products can oftentimes feel more like a science experiment than an enjoyable activity. If I apply this primer, which contains capric triglyceride and cetyl alcohol, what will happen? Or, what’s a method I can use to determine whether my facial cleanser or foundation is causing these breakouts? As time goes on, the struggle of purchasing beauty products, only to regretfully have to return or throw them out days later, becomes a seemingly endless cycle of discouragement.

While it can be hard these days to find quality, all-natural beauty products that don’t cause breakouts, redness, or burning, we understand that your skin is not a science experiment. That’s why we decided to do our research and put beauty brands that boast natural, gentle skincare to the test! Of all the products we tried, these are our favorites that were found to actually work. In other words, what are you waiting for? It’s time to break the cycle!

Our Favorite Facial Cleanser: Soothing Cleansing Milk Cleanser from Dr. Hauschka

Renowned for combining his knowledge of medicine with revolutionary skincare, Dr. Hauschka knows a thing or two about sensitive skin. As much as we love this beauty brand, the soothing milk cleanser in particular soothes, smooths, and even removes makeup to reveal healthy, glowing skin. Not to mention, the formula is specially designed to reduce redness and the appearance of pores.

Our Favorite Moisturizer: Illuminating Moisturizer from Tata Harper

Tata Harper is best known for its 100% natural and nontoxic skincare products. Full of replenishing minerals and even diamond dust, the Illuminating Moisturizer does exactly what it says — illuminates the skin to leave behind a radiant glow. Although prices are a bit on the higher end, we believe that splurging on this product is worth the investment, especially if you are prone to dry, flaky skin.

Our Favorite Face Mask: Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask from LUSH Cosmetics

Don’t you love it when you can actually read the ingredients on your product labels? This vegan mask from LUSH Cosmetics is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and even blueberries to deeply cleanse pores and soothe the skin. Say goodbye to uncontrollable redness and breakouts, and treat yourself to a salon-quality facial — every day!

Our Favorite Foundation: Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation from Juice Beauty

We all love a good full-coverage foundation. Not only does this one from Juice Beauty cover blemishes with ease, but it’s also full of antioxidents and pure ingredients including fruit stem cells from organic apple buds, coconut alkanes, and argan and rose powder. Ten shades are also available to choose from, so you can be sure to find a foundation that suits your skin tone.

Our Favorite BB Cream: B.B. Cream Broad Spectrum with SPF 27 from boscia

There’s always going to be days when we just need to wake up and be out the door within 10 minutes. For these kinds of days, boscia B.B. Cream truly is a one-step wonder. This product is especially helpful for women with larger pores or sun damage, as it successfully evens out the complexion and reduces the appearance of pores. We also love this B.B. cream’s self-adjusting color formula, so you never have to worry about applying too light or too dark of a shade again!



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The Best Natural Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

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The Best Natural Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

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