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Taming winter hair can be a nightmare with dryness, static, and breakage making styling nearly impossible. We’re here to save you the most time with the least styling for an effortless look that’s still just the right amount of put together. Enter: our daily texturized hair duo.

After eyeing Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray for months, we were suggested a magical drugstore alternative from one of our favorite beauty gals, Glam Life Guru. Considering we’ve now tested out both considerably, we’re happy to agree with Tati in her claims that Garnier’s Texture Spray is just as incredible as the pricey but wonderful Oribe. Both sprays add volume and movement throughout the hair – in a good way, not the static-y way we’re all much too familiar with.

Top it off with some of our favorite Bb Hair Undressing Creme to add hold and style to the exact pieces you want and you’ve got the perfect texturized hair in under 5 minutes.

Texture Team

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Texture Team

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