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Weekly Beauty Link Love #17

Stylisted - Sunless  Tanning, Puerto Rico Vacations, and more

Why is it that short weeks always end up feeling extra long? We were thankful for a relaxing  Memorial Day Weekend, but are excited to have a bit of traveling lined up this time around. We’ve been reading up on ways to get bathing suit ready (aka sunless tanning), dreaming up a tropical vacation to Puerto Rico, and more. What have you been loving this week?


– Jess of The Golden Girl Blog shared her tips to getting the perfect tan without looking orange. We’ve always found sunless tanning a bit tough, but are anxious to try out her recommended Tarte pick.

– Katie of Katie’s Bliss is vacationing in Puerto Rico and made the smart move of booking a Stylisted blowout before she left NYC. No washing or styling your hair when you could be relaxing!

– Emily tested out Korean beauty products, including a snail mask and an overnight mask that comes in banana-looking packaging. Looks like we’ll have to find some to try out ourselves.

– Not a fan of wearing makeup? Birchbox claims RMS is the organic brand that may change your mind.

– Samantha of Gold Coast Girl reviewed Stylisted for herself – she what she has to say & score a special something!


– Getting married this summer? We’ve rounded up some styles we’d turn to our stylists for help with. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the comments!

– Summer makeup inspiration for a day at the pool

– It’s been a while since our last hair touch-up and our roots are beginning to show through. Here’s what we plan on doing to hide them a bit more.

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #17

Bridal Makeup Inspiration

Weekly Beauty Link Love #17

Stop Washing Your Hair – Co-wash Instead

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