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Summer Pool Makeup Inspiration

Stylisted - Summer Beauty Inspiration Pool Makeup

With Memorial Day Weekend unofficially kicking off summer last week, we’re excited to begin rolling out our summer beauty inspiration. This season, we’re adding a theme to go along with each post to give you some direction when you’re getting ready for a fun day out. First up: summer pool makeup.

When you’re spending the day lounging at the pool, getting in and out of the water, you don’t want to be worried about your makeup. We turn to waterproof products, as they also tend to be more long-lasting and won’t slip off as soon as you dive in. Though they can be a bit of a pain to remove, waterproof products are the way to go for almost any occasion in the summer.

For a pool-appropriate look, we don’t want anything that’s too high-maintenance. A fun swipe of colorful blue eyeliner, a breathable base, and flushed cheeks are all you need. We’re using this image as our guideline, but, like we said, less is more here. This is also the perfect post-pool look, if wearing makeup during the day isn’t your thing.

Stylisted - Summer Pool Makeup



Light base. This BB Creme is our favorite dewy one, while this one is perfect for those who need a little help keeping the oiliness at bay (that’s us!). If you wear one thing, wear this for the SPF alone.


Sun-kissed cheeks. No one likes a sunburn, but the flushed pink the sun can leave across your cheeks is undeniably pretty. Replicate the look in a bit of a safer manner with this super easy blush from Tarte. (If you need to bronze a bit, we won’t judge – better yet, grab this waterproof one so you can wear it all day.)


All about eyes. Grab your favorite waterproof pencil liner – this navy one is our pick at the moment – and smudge into the waterline for a hint of color with no opportunity for it to run. Add piles of waterproof mascara and you’re done!

{Photo via Kimberly Genevieve for The Everygirl}

Summer Pool Makeup Inspiration

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Summer Pool Makeup Inspiration

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