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Weekly Beauty Link Love #23

Stylisted - Summer Lipsticks, In-Shower Tan, Frizz-Free Curls

We’ve seen lots of fun beauty links this week and could hardly wait to feature our favorites. This week we’re sharing beach-y beauty tips, the secret to keeping makeup fresh in the heat, and more. In case you missed it on Instagram, we’ve had some fun shoots in the past two weeks, too. Make sure you’re following along for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into things to come!


– In preparation for our photoshoot with Anne of Defining Delphine, we stalked her site and came across some of the best beach-worthy beauty content out there. Check out parts 1, 2, and 3 of her Beach Beauty Guide.

– Kate somehow figured out a way to keep makeup in place all day, even throughout intense heat and humidity. She spilled her secrets here.

– Leave it to Anna to provide the most in-depth review of St. Tropez’s latest release, the In-Shower Tan, which promises a fresh tan in just 3 minutes. We loved reading her thoughts on the product and are excited to pick it up for ourselves! What do you think of a product like this? Would you buy into the hype?

– For good measure on the St. Tropez tan, here’s Lily’s fairly different review.

– Because we just can’t tame that frizzy hair, Jess shared her tricks and product picks for turning frizzy hair into bouncy curls.

– Lauren Conrad posted her top 10 summer lipstick favorites. We want them all!

– Grace featured Follain, a New England & D.C. based beauty store carrying solely natural products made in the U.S.. We’re eager to test out some of her natural beauty picks next time we’re out East! In the meantime, we’ll be over here browsing the online store.


Perfect hair in just one bottle? We put it to the test.

– We’re traveling this weekend and, in a bit of Virgo-induced packing preparation, have already turned to our trusted summer beauty packing list.

– Since we’ll be spending all weekend on the beach, we’re turning to these saltwater hair styling options for the least work possible.

Weekly Beauty Link Love #23

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #23

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