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Summer Beauty: No Heat, 1 Product Beach Waves

Stylisted - No Heat Beach Waves

If you’re a Stylisted newsletter subscriber (if not, look to the right side of the screen to subscribe!), you know that we are fully focused on preparing our beach bags and beauty stash for summer. We even highlighted 5 of our summer beauty essentials in today’s newsletter, so you should probably subscribe so you don’t miss any more ;). For our 5th summer beauty essential, we’re all about creating the perfect beach-y waves – especially if we can do so without heat, or a trip to the beach (not that we would turn down a chance to be lying on the sand right now…).

That’s where this awesome & affordable drugstore salt spray comes into play. John Frieda recently re-released their line of “BEACH blonde” products, as they were a cult favorite back in the day (the product was dead for nearly 10 years!), with fans calling for a re-release for years.  Even better? The beach wave queen, Lauren Conrad, is the face of the campaign. Though we’ve only tried the salt spray so far, we’re intrigued by the shampoo and conditioner, as well. If we do get around to trying those, you can bet they’ll be featured here another day. Now, for the topic at hand: the spray.

Overall, this is heaven in a pretty blue bottle. It’s affordable, smells incredible (you feel like you’re under an umbrella sipping from a coconut…or if that just us?), and leaves your hair feeling and looking shiny, piece-y, and relaxed. It’s not too high-maintenance or sticky and stiff, like many other sea sprays can be. And while we love a good spray with some volume and grit to it, this is the best summer counterpart. This is a product we’ll be traveling everywhere with – to the beach, to the pool, to the office, to the happy hour – it’s one you’ll want to bring along not only for a hair refresh, but also for a bit of that coconut scent to keep you going through the work day when you’d rather be in the water. It’s fuss-free, “I woke up like this” hair that would look even better if you applied it to damp hair and braided it before passing out at night – plus, less time spent getting ready in the morning, which you know we love.

There’s a reason this stuff is the OG of salt sprays, and for $9, we couldn’t be happier it’s back.

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Monthly Must-Haves: May 2015

Summer Beauty: No Heat, 1 Product Beach Waves

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