Struggling With Your Skin? Quick Blemish Fixes

Stylisted - Struggling With Your Skin? Quick Blemish Fixes

Looking in the bathroom mirror to a big pimple right in the middle of your forehead has to be one of the worst ways to start your morning. Everyone has experienced a breakout on their face at least once in their life. Although a skin breakout is very unlikely to heal overnight, being a girl has its advantages in times like these

Ladies! Are you aware that stress plays a role in your breakouts? Pay attention to when your breakouts occur and how your stress levels were from the preceding week. If you find a relationship between the two, then there is likely to be a major connection. Stress is not only bad for your skin, but it can also have many different effects on your body. This is important to bring to your attention! If you find yourself to be more stressed out than the average person, then you should consider finding some stress relief activities to calm your mind and body (might we recommend a morning workout…).

A Quick Fix

On those days where we have to rush out the door, we need a few tips to ensure that our breakout is still in the healing process.

  • Do not touch your pimple or pick at it! Sometimes we think that popping our pimples early or picking at them will make them go away. WRONG! Instead, we are making the healing process much worse. Irritating pimples can result in scarring and infections.
  • If you are experiencing a lot of swelling on any part of your blemish breakout, either use an ice cube, a soaked tea bag, or witch hazel.

Cover It Up

Right here is one of the best parts about being a girl! This is where makeup truly comes in handy.

Struggling With Your Skin? Quick Blemish Fixes


Struggling With Your Skin? Quick Blemish Fixes

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