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Stop Washing Your Hair – Co-wash Instead

Stylisted - Co-washing Cleansing Conditioner

We haven’t used shampoo in a week.

While this may sound like a bold statement for some, ladies with natural or curly hair can attest to the magic that happens when you cut shampoo from your routine.

So what exactly is co-washing and why is it so life-changing?


Co-washing is washing your hair with solely conditioner from roots to end. While normal shampoo strips hair of it’s natural oils, washing with conditioner leaves hair silky and smooth. Don’t worry, you’re still cleansing your hair, but also nourishing it at the same time. There are a few options for those looking to try co-washing. You can skip shampoo and use your conditioner alone, or get a specifically-designed cleansing conditioner. Having thicker, oil-prone hair, we turn to the cleansing conditioner. This one in particular has been our go-to as of late.


Cleansing conditioners are not the 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner you remember from your childhood days. These products contain more cleanser than a typical conditioner and often use natural ingredients like aloe to help clear the scalp.

Cleansing conditioners are also not foaming. This can be a bit of a surprise as you get the product worked into the hair and wait for it to lather up like a normal shampoo, but, don’t worry, it’s normal! Because cleansing conditioners don’t have detergents that many shampoos use, you won’t see any bubbles here.


Women with curly, natural, or color-treated hair, though it’s actual an effective method for anyone! Co-washing can help prevent breakage, dryness, and split ends. As an added bonus, your hair will be so soft and smooth, you’ll often find yourself needing less styling product! (Tip: if your hair is naturally oilier, don’t solely rely on cleansing conditioners. Co-wash once a week or even once every other week and shampoo regularly the rest of the time to prevent greasiness).


Follow the instructions on your specific cleansing conditioner of choice. Wet your hair like usual, apply 2-3 pumps of product from ROOT to end. Yes, you read that correctly! Forget all you know about conditioner and make sure to get the conditioner directly on your scalp. Let it sit on your hair while you shave/rinse off/sing and wash away to reveal clean, touchable hair. Use as frequently as needed – we don’t wash our hair that frequently, so we’ve been co-washing once a week and shampooing once a week.

What are your thoughts? Would you try co-washing and skip shampoo?

Stop Washing Your Hair – Co-wash Instead

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Stop Washing Your Hair – Co-wash Instead

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