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Snow Day Survival Tips

Stylisted - Snow Day Survival

With NYC’s winter storm Juno arriving last week and Chicago being dumped in over a foot of snow yesterday, clearly this whole winter thing is still here. We hope you relish in your snow days from the comfort of your own home with comfy pajamas and warm coffee. To truly take advantage of being trapped inside, consider the following:


  • To prep for wifi outages (this is not our last snow day!), download your Gmail here.
  • Spend some time playing with new makeup inspiration. You’re not going anywhere, who cares if it doesn’t turn out well? Go ahead and try that bright pink lip on for size.
  • Treat yoself. With your lack of commute, you add all the hours back into your day. Celebrate the newfound time by enjoying your morning shower more with calming music, a nice candle, and an added product as a treat. A hair mask, face mask, foot scrub, or shower oil would all do the trick, however, body scrubs are our favorite, and no one does it quite like Fresh. Scrub to reveal brighter, smoother skin and then hurry up and put that oversized sweater back on so you don’t freeze.
  • Mani/pedi while you conference call? We won’t tell anyone. In fact, here are our favorite winter polishes, if you missed them.
  • Peruse Pinterest, finally start listening to Serial like you said you would months ago, or (you know you want to) check out Netflix’s new additions. We’ve been dying to see Chef since it was first released, but as well all know with Netflix, the options are endless.

Even though you may still be working 9-5, take the day to appreciate being home. Stay in that loungewear! Sit by that fireplace! Look out at the pretty snow and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to move from the couch. Happy snow day!

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Snow Day Survival Tips

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Snow Day Survival Tips

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