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A Surprising Use for Simple’s Micellar Water

Stylisted - A Surprising Use for Simple's Micellar Water

When we first tried Simple’s Cleansing Micellar Water we have to admit, we were skeptical. We had tried the OG/HG of micellar waters, Bioderma, previously and honestly weren’t too fussed by it. However, given all of the hype when the product launched, and our love for their makeup removing wipes, we figured we’d give the micellar water a go.


Micellar water was designed to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, without needing to be rinsed off. Many credit French pharmacies as the source of micellar water’s recent rise to fame in the skincare world, as the product has been a staple in French brands like La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, and Avene for years. The water is made up of micelles, cleansing molecules that float about in the water and help clear off oil, dirt, and makeup on the face. It’s often used as the first step in one’s skincare routine if you’re doing a double cleanse (more on that to come later, but here’s another favorite of ours for the double cleanse) or as your morning cleanser. Plus, as the product is so gentle and calming, it’s totally safe for those with sensitive and breakout prone skin (a win for us!).


While Caroline has instructed us to rarely use micellar water, we went ahead and broke the rules to trial this one. What can we say? We love the idea Simple promotes of being kind to your skin, something we absolutely need to practice more often. Our results? We really enjoyed it! It’s soft on the skin, feels hydrating, and is so nice to apply in the morning. We did try using this as a makeup remover and were unimpressed – it just takes too long and doesn’t seem to remove everything effectively. However, as a morning cleanser, this is really nice.

But perhaps most surprisingly the way we like to use this best is as a pre-workout cleanser. Think about it: when you’re rushing out the door to go workout bright and early, you want to clean off your face from the hours spent sleeping, but you don’t necessarily have time to do your full skincare routine. That’s where this comes in. Add a bit of Simple’s Micellar Water to a cotton pad and watch the sleep leftovers wipe right off, leaving skin refreshed and soft. Then, post workout, apply your normal skincare routine as usual.


A Surprising Use for Simple’s Micellar Water

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A Surprising Use for Simple’s Micellar Water

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    I’ve been meaning to give this product a try! I’ve heard lovely things about it, and glad you had a positive experience with this too. Happy Friday!


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