Fringe/Bangs – To Do or Not To Do, That Is the Question

Stylisted - Fringe – To Do or Not To Do, That Is the Question

Brief intro – Today’s post is written by Maddie Roche, one of Stylisted’s incredible Brand Ambassadors. As she wrote about her experience getting bangs, we thought you should hear directly from the source! We hope you enjoy the story as much as we did! x

Very recently, I decided to make a big change to my hair. I texted all my friends and some said no, but one said that I should do it, and so I did. I got bangs. This seems like one of those hairstyles that reminds you of middle school in a bad way, but if your hairdresser is great, you’ll look amazing.

The first thing I did was find pictures of what I wanted. I found pictures on Pinterest of style icons like Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. I loved these styles and wanted to replicate the wispy, yet full fringe that just works.

So, once I found what I wanted, I began to wonder. Would bangs look good on me? I researched and found that face shape has a lot to do with which bangs styles look better on which face shapes. I have an oval shape, and every article I found encouraged me to get bangs. For those of you who have a different face shape, see what people would advise. Blunt bangs do not look good on every face.

During my research, I found quite a few listicles about the struggles of bangs. One thing to consider before taking the plunge is this: do you want to deal with maintenance? Bangs seem to grow faster than the rest of your hair, so be prepared to go in for a trim every few weeks. They also start to look oily sooner, so washing them almost every day, at least for me, is a must. If you shower at night, brush your hair out and pull your bangs to where they need to be. I’ve slept with wet hair and woken up with poofy bangs. They require a little extra time to style, as well. Depending on where your hair parts, your bangs might need a little extra attention to make sure that part isn’t causing them to separate in a weird way.

Another thing I have found is that, even more so than before, I need to wash my face every night. Because the hair can get oily and is right on top of your face, pimples might start to form. This is a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse because it takes more work, but it’s a blessing because the bangs hide most of your forehead! This all sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t too much. In the end, if you really want bangs, get bangs. But remember: it’s not easy to hide them if you don’t like them.

Since I love my bangs, I’ve found that a lot of styling and beauty realms have become more of an option. I can embrace the 60s-reminiscent style that I have and go with statement sunglasses. I can save some money on brow products because my brows aren’t as visible as they used to be. I’ve also found that highlighter is even more amazing now than before. My bangs have brought a lot of attention to my eyes and cheekbones, which didn’t use to be the case. Highlighter is a good friend now because it lightens my face and gives it some angles without doing much else like contouring.

All in all, I loved making the switch to bangs. They look great, and it’s easy to dress up the hairstyle or dress it down. They add dimension and a softness to my face because of the cut. If you’ve been considering bangs and don’t mind the small amount of extra work to keep them up, I say go for it!

Fringe/Bangs – To Do or Not To Do, That Is the Question

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Fringe/Bangs – To Do or Not To Do, That Is the Question

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