The Products You Need For The Best At-Home Spa Night

Stylisted - The Products You Need For the Best At Home Spa Night

The past few Sundays, we’ve implemented a new routine to help us get ready for the workweek. In practicing a little more self-care, we’ve gone into the week energized, focused, and, overall, more balanced. We can’t stress enough the importance of showing yourself grace and giving yourself the time to refresh when you need it most. As everyone is overworked and over-stressed these days, we thought we’d share our current top picks in case you find yourself needing to take a break, too. Step number one: light your favorite candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, and pop on your favorite soundtrack.


  • Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo – While this product certainly isn’t for everyday use (it is a bit stripping), it does a great job of cleaning out all of the product gunk and oil from your hair, leaving you with a fresh base for the week’s dry shampoo.
  • May Lindstrom The Problem Solver – This mask is quite the experience! May has a beautiful line of products (we’ll touch more on many others in another Behind the Brand post soon), but this one delivers remarkable results. If you have any sort of problem skin, The Problem Solver is a must try.
  • L’Occitane Shower Oil – One of our favorite products ever, this oil leaves your skin supple, smooth, and smelling delicious. It’s perfect for shaving, too, if that’s something you need to do now that it’s warm out again 😉
  • Mask, mask, mask – Don’t just stop with the face mask! Mask your hands, feet, eyes, hair, and lips while you’re at it.
What are your at home spa night essentials?
The Products You Need For The Best At-Home Spa Night

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The Products You Need For The Best At-Home Spa Night

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