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Planning a Summer Wedding? Our Top Makeup Tips

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We love every aspect of helping brides get ready for their big day. So much so, that we’ve decided to put together some inspiration for brides of every season. As we’re in the thick of summer weddings, we’ll kick off the advice here. We’d love to incorporate your suggestions in our future guides, as well, so feel free to comment below with anything you’d like to include!

For summer weddings we’re all about a glowy, dewy complexion that can withstand heat, tears, and anything else your wedding day throws at you. Not a big ask or anything ;). While some might turn to a full coverage, long-wearing base, we’d recommend adding in a few key ingredients for makeup longevity the natural-looking way.

Priming is everything. Before you apply your makeup, make sure to prime your face with either a primer water or an actual primer. Primer helps your makeup wear longer, sit better, and hold up through any condition. Don’t forget to prime your eyes and lips, too!

Makeup setting spray is your BFF. Add a spritz before you do your makeup (post-priming) and once you’ve completed your base products for the best success. This is our favorite setting spray out there – it adds serious makeup longevity, without making things look cake-y. This drugstore one is a great alternative, too!

Don’t be afraid to powder. Powders aren’t the same as they used to be. Select a translucent one that won’t provide additional coverage, but will help with shine and keeping things in place. Powder once after you’ve finished your base and pre-setting spray.

– Starting to look shiny? Rather than reaching for your powder again, grab a shine-removing sheet. You can choose drugstore or high-end here, as they’re nearly identical, but both work incredibly well to blot off excess shiny wherever you need.

Layer creams and powders. We promise this won’t look like too much if it’s done right. First apply cream blush, bronzer, and eyeshadows, then follow up with a powder product to ensure the colors won’t fade as the night wears on.

Opt for liquid lipstick. Begin with a liner to make sure you have the definition and lasting power you’re looking for, then apply a liquid lipstick that is sure to never budge through kisses & cake. This is our favorite drugstore liquid lipstick brand, while this high-end one is magical. This Sephora one is also an awesome alternative.


Try any of the tips for yourself? Send us a pic with the hashtag #getstylisted.

Planning a Summer Wedding? Our Top Makeup Tips

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Planning a Summer Wedding? Our Top Makeup Tips

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