Plan Your Wedding In Ease With These Top Bridal Beauty Tips

Stylisted - Plan Your Wedding In Ease With These Top Bridal Beauty Tips
If you haven’t noticed your Facebook and Instagram feeds blowing up with #isaidyes #engaged #fiance left and right, we’re here to clue you in to the fact that it’s engagement season! For most brides-to-be, this is supposed to be a fun and beautiful time that can also be stressful when planning and prepping fro all that’s to come. So today, we’re here to help! We’ve chatted with one of Stylisted’s pro bridal stylists, Christina Gauthier, on some major keys to help you get ready (beauty-wise!) for your big day. Keep reading!

Stylisted - Plan Your Wedding In Ease With These Top Bridal Beauty Tipsa

Bridal Beauty Advice Featuring a Stylisted Pro

Hair and makeup for your wedding day can sometimes be left to the end of the wedding planning, but it is so important to put it as close to the top of the list as possible! Every bride deserves to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. Finding the right stylist and being prepared for your hair and makeup in advance is key!
  • I advise my brides to start thinking of booking their wedding day hairstylist and makeup artist at least 3 months in advance (just in case they decide to grow out their hair or start transitioning their color for the perfect wedding day look!). A bride should also keep in mind they may love the hairstylist who does their color and haircuts but that stylist may not have as much experience with updos and bridal styles. So looking for a bridal specialist and makeup artist who will travel to you could be key to an amazing wedding day experience.
  • Keeping bridal hair elegant and classic is just as important as planning in advance. Trends come and go quickly but your wedding photos should be timeless. I also love the idea of a hair change between the wedding and the reception. It’s a fun idea to switch things up, especially if the bride is wearing her hair down for the wedding ceremony, dancing and enjoying the evening may be easier with the hair up and out of the way for the reception. This is something you can talk to your hairstylist about during your trial appointment (a trial appointment is so important for any bride to prevent any wedding day dissatisfaction!) Ask your stylist if they are available to stay until the reception for a hair change or can instruct a member of the bridal party on vail removal. If the stylist is able to stay it may be an hourly rate or just a simple up-charge, but it could be a huge help for not only the bride but any member of the bridal party who may need a hair or makeup touch-up!
  • Finally, when looking for wedding day hair and makeup inspiration on Pinterest, I advise every bride to try and find hair types that are similar to their own. Sometimes hair extensions are used and they can be purchased to help achieve a similar look, but very often a bride with beautiful dark brown hair may fall in love with a photo of a highlighted updo and could be disappointed when the same style doesn’t show as textured or detailed in photos.


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Plan Your Wedding In Ease With These Top Bridal Beauty Tips

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Plan Your Wedding In Ease With These Top Bridal Beauty Tips

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