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Weekly Beauty Link Love #44

Stylisted - Pamper Routine, Skincare, and more

This week, we’re loving all things pamper-related! Those winter blues have really kicked in over here, so we’re looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of spa nights and upgraded skincare routines. Whatever you’re up to, we hope it’s rejuvenating! Lots of good stuff coming your way in February, so stay tuned!


  • Jess, of Bows & Sequins, reviewed Bare Escentuals’ new skincare line and we’re obsessed. She makes all of the products sound so heavenly. We can’t wait to get our hands on some of them.
  • Julia’s latest hair look gave us serious Valentine’s day inspiration. Stunning, as always.
  • The Cup of Jo beauty uniform series is one of our favorites. This week’s uniform features Leah Goren, who is not only incredibly talented but also has tons of beauty tips for the everyday gal.
  • Byrdie enlisted 20-somethings to talk about their skincare routines, which we found incredibly fascinating. What’s your skincare routine like? Has it changed over the years?


  • Speaking of pampering, why not try out these homemade masks this weekend? We’ll be applying as many masks as our face & hair can handle 😉

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #44

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #44

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