Our Favorite Products From Maybelline’s Fit Me Collection

Our Favorite Products From Maybelline's Fit Me Line

In a world full of beauty products, has there ever been a brand of makeup that you just absolutely love and swear by? We know that there are so many types of makeup products out there, but many won’t click with you. We have lots of different products that we consider our favorites and, surprisingly, many are made by Maybelline’s Fit Me collection!

  • Poreless Foundation: This is a product that we just cannot pass up when purchasing makeup! The coverage is so even on the skin and leaves you looking radiant. No matter what your skin type, this poreless foundation feels light on our skin and doesn’t leave your skin oily as opposed to other products, while also making breakouts a little bit easier to conceal!
  • Pressed Powder Compact: If you prefer loose powders, we highly recommend you switching to pressed powders and we’ll tell you why! Pressed powders for one, are easier to handle and keep clean. Instead of fluffing your face with a powder brush, this compact provides an applicator (that you can easily replace for added cleanliness – especially if you’re bad at washing your brushes regularly!) that gives you more even looking skin and conceals all those dark spots and blemishes. This product certainly does not leave our skin all day or even leave creases.
  • Shine Free Foundation Stick: Now, this product is the holy grail of all holy grails! The Shine Free Foundation Stick is easy enough to use and small enough to fit in any purse. Ladies, this is a perfect product to have in times of traveling! We tend to apply this stick to our face especially when we’re in need for a quick touch up during the day. It works well for our faces and conceals almost anything, especially for the dark circles under our eyes!

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What are your favorite drugstore makeup products and brands?

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Our Favorite Products From Maybelline’s Fit Me Collection

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Our Favorite Products From Maybelline’s Fit Me Collection

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