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Our 2016 Beauty Resolutions

Stylisted - 2016 Beauty Resolutions

A new year brings new goals and new inspiration. While 2015 was a big year for us – hiring new employees, building this fun beauty blog, expanding to Washington, D.C., developing more partnerships, etc. – we hope to grow even more in the coming year. Blog-wise, we have some lofty analytics goals, but beyond that, we thought we’d share some more attainable beauty resolutions with you.

  • Try out more new (to us) beauty brands! We have an ongoing list of brands we’ve heard great things about but have never tried anything from. We don’t want any potential greatness left undiscovered this year, so we’ll try as much as possible to find you the best products out there!
  • Embrace the crazy makeup trends. Makeup is temporary and can (and should!) be washed off at the end of each day, so we’re challenging ourselves to step even further outside of our comfort zones when it comes to makeup and, at least, try every crazy trend that comes our way in 2016. We’ll do it so you don’t have to 😉
  • Improve our skin care routine. While we’re never one to let our skincare routine slack, we are aiming to keep it more natural and streamlined to only the products that deliver us the best results. We’ve been switching things up a bit lately and have been beginning to notice a difference, so stay tuned!
  • Experiment more with hair tutorials. You all seemed to really enjoy the braided hair looks we put together during the holidays and we’d love to bring more content like that to the site in the new year.
What do you want to see from Stylisted’s blog this year? A new series, a certain type of tutorial, more favorites posts? Let us know!


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Our 2016 Beauty Resolutions

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Our 2016 Beauty Resolutions

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