OD’d on Eggnog? 4 Steps to Look Fresh If You’re Hungover

Stylisted - OD'd on Eggnog? 4 Steps to Look Fresh If You're Hungover

We’re just going to assume that today is just as challenging as yesterday – are you still hungover, too? Yikes. The sign of a good NYE, though, so we’ll take it (hoping that today is indeed the last of it). To help you combat the struggling, we’ve put together our top four tips for a glowier, healthier complexion. First and foremost – chug that water bottle! Your skin is likely dehydrated from all of the alcohol so drink as much as you can. While you’re at it, boil some hot water and add a lemon – people may disagree over how helpful this actually is, but we find, if nothing else, it helps you wake up without the caffeine, which will dehydrate you even more.

Step 1: Depuff
If you actually OD’d on eggnog, grab a cold compress or our favorite, frozen spoons, to bring your puffy eyes down. Skipped the eggnog but didn’t get much sleep? Opt for a warm towel on your eyes for 10-15 minutes to reduce redness.

Step 2: Less is more
If your first instinct is to layer on foundation and concealer – step away from your makeup bag. Your dehydrated skin won’t absorb product like it normally does. Opt for a BB Cream or light tinted moisturizer instead.

Step 3: Embrace the post-holiday blues
Grab blue eyeliner instead of your usual brown, black, or grey. Applying blue to your lashline will give your eyes a whiter, brighter illusion.

Step 4: Distract with an updo or bold lip
A polished bun or deceivingly easy updo will make it look like you have your act together. Can’t handle your hair? A bold lip (opt for plum over red) will surely distract!

Already dreading that big New Year’s Day brunch? It’s on a Sunday, after all! Book a pro to help you look annoyingly fresh and start 2017 off right!


{photo by Kate Arends Peters of Wit & Delight}

OD’d on Eggnog? 4 Steps to Look Fresh If You’re Hungover

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OD’d on Eggnog? 4 Steps to Look Fresh If You’re Hungover

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