New In at Sephora: April 2016

Stylisted - New In at Sephora April 2016

As you know, we’re big fans of Sephora and religiously stalk the “new in” section so we can stay up-to-date on all new product launches. It’s basically our job, after all ;). For this month’s edition, we’re bringing you some truly pretty products, including a new launch from one of our favorite brands, a Sephora brand product that looks perfect for summer, and a very exciting new line.

– HAIR –

  • Jen Atkins’ new line, Ouai, has been very much buzzed about in the beauty community. She was even on Into the Gloss’ Top Shelf Live recently to talk all about it. We can’t wait to try this wave spray to enhance our natural summer wave…or the natural summer wave we wish we had, anyway.
  • Bumble and Bumble is one of our favorite haircare brands. The list of products we love from them is fairly endless (City Swept, Hairdresser’s Oil, Sunday Shampoo, all Surf products, Don’t Blow It, etc. – see, we really love them!). This new Surf Foam Spray has us the most excited as we prepare to chop our hair yet again and are looking for products to enhance body without weighing it down. Don’t be afraid, mousse isn’t the way it used to be!


  • Lancome is finally releasing their famed Juicy Shakers in the US and we have been long awaiting this launch! After seeing all of our favorite British YouTubers rave about how well Lisa Eldridge has done with revamping the range and how incredible these products were, in particular, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. Finally!
  • We all know Becca makes a killer highlighter, but we have yet to try anything else from the line, mainly because we’re that obsessed with the highlighters still. However, that is about to change after spotting these new blushes and immediately adding one (…or two) to our shopping cart.
  • Another lippie! Sephora’s own brand has some hit and miss products. We really like their eyeliners and cream lip stains, but haven’t found a good foundation or powder product from them yet. These new lip butters look extremely promising, if not a bit reminiscent of Fresh’s Sugar balms – which (controversy!) we don’t love. We have high hopes for these ones, though, as they claim to be highly pigmented and very hydrating (the Fresh ones dry out our lips!).
New In at Sephora: April 2016

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New In at Sephora: April 2016

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