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Monthly Must-Haves: May 2015


Stylisted - Monthly Must-Haves May 2015



A new month brings new makeup inspiration, and, more importantly, new makeup hitting the shelves at our second home Sephora. Our Monthly Must-haves for May include everything from a new foundation we’ve been itching to try to the perfect on-the-go nail kit.


– This Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster is a blend of concentrated oils to be mixed with face and/or eye creams. So, if you like your daily moisturizer, but wake up one morning and your skin is practically screaming it’s so parched, this may be your saving grace. We definitely don’t think it’s an essential product to have in your stash, but for those special occasions, you may be glad you have it.


– Serum foundations are all the rage in the beauty world these days and we’re happy one of our favorite brands, Bobbi Brown, has entered the game. Her Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 is long-wearing with a silky finish to let your natural skin show through.

– Hourglass has crushed the pressed powder game since the launch of their ‘Ambient Lighting’ powders. Ambient Bronze is certainly intriguing, though normally we prefer our bronzers matte, however we could see this + a nice tan as the only thing our face needs this summer (after our miracle trick to looking awake, of course).


– We’re not going to lie, we’re eager to try this Gold perfume purely because it’s inspired by money in liquid form. The scent is supposed to work for both men and women and is part of Commodity’s White Collection, which features scents that are light and easy, as opposed to their Black collection, which houses the moodier scents (usually ones that are more up our alley).


– With lots of upcoming summer travel, this Formula X The System To Go seems like it will be the perfect fit for all of our trips, as it includes a base coat, top coat, polish, and nail cleanser. We love all of the color options, but are especially fond of the ‘Thrilling’ shade. Doesn’t hurt that the Formula X polish is one of our favorites, too. Currently wearing a pink-purple shade from the line while we type 🙂


Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield is a product that we think needs to be added to our daily hair arsenal ASAP (this moody weather has been testing our hair’s patience). We’ve been testing out the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, and have to say, we’ve been impressed and are only more intrigued my Living Proof products now.

What are the products you’re filling up your online cart with? We always welcome more recommendations!

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Monthly Must-Haves: May 2015

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