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Introducing H&M Beauty!

Stylisted - H&M Beauty

When H&M decided to launch their own beauty line, we began counting down the days, especially after seeing how insanely beautiful the packaging is. 

Best of all? Everything in the 700-piece line (!!) is under $13, which includes makeup, hair care, tools, and more. We’ll take one of every product, please.

Today, we’re rounding up a few of our favorites from what we’ve seen of H&M Beauty thus far.

Stylisted - H&M Beauty

  • Midnight Muse Body Cream – This body cream looks luscious and should be a winner consistency-wise as long as it is able to sink into the skin quickly. We’re anxious to try it out!
  • Cover-up Concealer – We’ve already seen rave reviews of this product from Kate of Gh0stparties and the girl knows a good concealer. She claims the lasting power & pigmentation is spot on.
  • Showstopper Gloss – While we’re not too sure what this product actually is (a lip gloss? body gloss?), we are intrigued to say the least. Look at that shimmery pink color!
  • Get It Straight Smoothing Balm – Another win for packaging. The whole line is looking so modern & sleek, and this packaging is no exception. We can only hope the product is just as good.
  • Cream Lip Colour in So Cocco – Lipstick is always one of our favorite products and this deep burgundy shade is a must-have for fall.
  • BB Cream – We love a good BB Cream, though, we’ll admit, it’s hard to find a good one. We hope this one actually draws from the Asian makeup trend and delivers in coverage and skin benefits.
  • Smoky Nudes Eye Colour Palette – This neutral, shimmery palette looks gorgeous (and, like everything in the line, is surprisingly affordable!). We’re hoping for some matte shadow additions here, but know our way around a good neutral palette quite well.
  • Not pictured but worth mentioning – the Colour Essence Eye Cream looks like a pretty worthwhile dupe for the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre, a product we’ve been coveting for years.
Introducing H&M Beauty!

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Introducing H&M Beauty!

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