How to Force Yourself to Workout in The Morning

Stylisted - How to Force Yourself To Work Out in The Morning

Every morning it’s the same story, the alarm goes off, we roll over and get a nice stretch in while we reach for the snooze button and attempt to keep ourselves from falling off the bed. Yet every night we tell ourselves tomorrow’s the day, tomorrow we’ll work out first thing in the morning…and there’s that pesky alarm again.

So, to try and combat this tough cycle, we’ve come up with a plan we can all take together to keep ourselves motivated to work out in the morning (except when it’s negative 45 degrees in Chicago, that’s just not going to happen).

Stylisted - How to Force Yourself to Workout in the Morning


Plan the night before. “We’re going to work out tomorrow morning at 6 AM,” you tell yourself, feeling good about “conquering the day while everyone is still asleep.” But you often forget that there is actually work to be done the night before that can really help you make it to the gym that next morning. Make sure to pack your gym bag with anything you need for your workout plus whatever you need for work/school afterward. Workout clothes? Workout accessories – yoga mat, towel, etc? Clean clothes? Shower essentials? Deodorant? Skincare? Makeup? Haircare? Perfume? Shoes? Jewelry? Run through your entire morning routine when packing this bag so there’s nothing you can forget! Finally, lay out whatever you’ll be wearing to the gym close to your bed, so it’s easily accessible when the alarm goes off.

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Food. Give yourself something to look forward to when you complete your workout. After a brutal 6 AM SoulCycle class, you deserve a coffee and a real breakfast. Heading straight to the office post workout? Don’t forget a high fiber granola bar for a snack. You’ll be hungry after conquering that morning! (Don’t forget to have a small something before you hit the gym, too. This green smoothie recipe is our favorite.) Also essential: all the water.


Set 2 alarms far away from your bed. By setting two alarms, you’re easing yourself into the morning. Set one for 15 minutes before you need to wake up and relish in the extra sleep. By keeping the alarm out of arm’s reach, you’ll force yourself to actually get out of bed and turn it off, which will make you less likely to get back into bed.

Stylisted - How to Force Yourself to Workout in the Morning


Phone a friend. Or a group. Whatever works for you. Working out with a pal keeps you both accountable, as you’ll feel pretty badly canceling last minute and making your friend go alone! Many group workout classes also charge you a cancelation fee and paying $20 to not workout is a waste of money – think of all the lattes you could’ve had with that $20!

Stylisted - How to Force Yourself to Workout in the Morning


Find what makes you feel good. Finding a workout you love is a huge key in working out consistently. If you enjoy doing it, you’re more likely to continue doing it – simple as that! Besides finding a workout you love, treat yourself to workout gear you love. Brightly colored workout clothes will get you out of bed even if it’s gray outside. Last but not least, MUSIC! A great playlist is a key component to any exercise regimen. We turn to Spotify for expertly curated playlists for any type of workout. And when it’s really cold out, you can always turn to YouTube for workouts you can do right at home!


Keep it simple. While we’re all about sleeping as much as possible pre-workout, we absolutely will take the time to pull ourselves together before we head out, BUT we only focus our efforts where it counts most. All it takes is this nourishing micellar water to cleanse and moisturize the face, a tinted lip balm with SPF, undereye cream to erase the lack of sleep, and a swingy ponytail.

How to Force Yourself to Workout in The Morning

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How to Force Yourself to Workout in The Morning

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