The Essential Oil We Turn To To Calm Holiday Stress

Stylisted - How to Use Peppermint Oil

Tis’ the season, give some essentials this Christmas!

It is no secret that essential oils have made their impact in the beauty and homeopathic community, but recently their popularity has boomed. The different scents of essential oils have proved to be very beneficial for several aspects of mental and emotional well-being. It has even been proven that some essential oils can help with weight loss and put your mind at ease if you suffer from anxiety and stress. Our favorite aspect of essential oils, however, is how easily you can incorporate them into your beauty routine.

In sticking with the holiday spirit, the essential oil that we love to use a little more than usual during the holiday season is peppermint.

From our peppermint mochas from Starbucks to our nights sitting fireside waiting anxiously for Christmas, there are a few simple ways we can add a bit more peppermint into our routines. The smell of peppermint has a cooling and calming sensation for people. Like some other essential oils, it can also aid in relieving sore muscles you may have from all of your holiday shopping (those city blocks and crowds can be tough!).

While the holidays at times can be stressful, with all of the shopping, family time, and activities, it is important to take time for yourself. The smell of peppermint is used to invigorate your mind and when the cloudy winter days drag on we suggest you rub some oil on your neck and back of your head to give you that extra oomph you need to lighten your holiday spirit.

Another great thing about peppermint essential oil is that just a few drops into your warm bubble bath will give you the perfect relaxing and invigorating bath to make you feel all cuddly and warm this holiday season.

Whichever way you like your peppermint this season whether it be in your bubble bath or in the peppermint bark served after dinner, let the smell of peppermint brighten your holiday season!

P.S. While these face oils aren’t essential oils, we think they’re just as calming (and they do great things for your skin!).

The Essential Oil We Turn To To Calm Holiday Stress

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The Essential Oil We Turn To To Calm Holiday Stress

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