How to: New York City It Girl Beauty and Style

Stylisted - How to: New York City It Girl Beauty and Style

Fashion and beauty in New York City are nonexistent and by nonexistent, we mean that it is so existent to the point where there is no possible way for you to pigeon hole it into one specific category. It is constantly evolving with new products, it is constantly taking trips down memory lane with your mother’s  old scrunchies, and it is constantly encouraging free spirits with being braless and proud. Fashion and beauty don’t sleep, much like this city, and between 5th ave, SoHo, and the thrift store around the corner from your apartment, you have the freedom to express whatever your heart desires and be on your merry way.

Another highlight of fashion and beauty is that ultimately, it is a direct reflection of one’s mood. In this city, everyone is continuously on the go or in a rush (or maybe it’s both). Therefore, how you feel when you wake up in the morning and how you want to feel throughout your day is a contributing factor when getting ready.  Some of our personal examples include:

  • Jeans and a tee-shirt with a headband and natural makeup =  haven’t done laundry, haven’t brushed my hair, and trying not to be stressed out about it.
  • Leggings, sports bra, and an Adidas hat with some eyeshadow and mascara = you’re pretending that you either A.) just got back from the gym, or B.) are on your way to the gym, but truthfully it’s neither. You’re just wearing this to look sporty and feel good about your unhealthy lifestyle of Chinese food and late night snacks.
  • Sundress with sneakers and beachy wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail = you’re just a hot and sweaty chick trying to stay cool but you throw on the fresh kicks because you don’t want to look too girly – that would cramp your style.
  • Pajama shorts, tank top, and sunglasses with no makeup and a messy bun = haven’t left the house all day but you’re going to run and grab your prescription at CVS then come right back. (Fingers crossed you don’t run into anyone you know.)
  • Black jeans, leotard, choker, and Jeffrey Campbell heels with a smokey eye situation, and wild hair = Again, you’re not a girly girl but your friends asked you to go out and you want your outfit to mumble, “Here for the free drinks, not for conversation, and also, I’m leaving soon.”
  • One-piece jumpsuit with strappy heels, daily makeup, and a slicked back ponytail = Your parents are coming into town and taking you out to dinner. You have to pretend that you have your life together so that they won’t ask questions and will continue to support you.
  • Jean jacket, band tee-shirt, and ripped pants of any kind with two little side buns and winged eyeliner = People may think you paid an arm and a leg for this vintage looking apparel at Urban Outfitters but really, you got lost in your mother’s closet and found your way out two hours later.

Again, these are just a few of our personal examples, but the list goes on and on. Fortunately, we live in a city where fashion is quite literally on every block and we can draw inspiration from the Versace advertisements to the homeless man outside on the corner. What a world!

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How to: New York City It Girl Beauty and Style

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How to: New York City It Girl Beauty and Style

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