How To Look Like A French Girl

How To Look Like A French Girl - Stylisted

The French do so much so well. Fashion, food, and beauty are all strengths and are fairly simple to recreate in our own lives. Their beauty is so laid-back and effortlessly pretty, letting natural beauty shine through.

The French seem ageless. While we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a magical fountain of youth there, more realistically, they just take very good care of their skin. One of the most oft-overlooked components to this is always wearing SPF. We love this one from Bobbi Brown, as it doesn’t smell like sunscreen, which is the best part! 

Another aspect of French girl beauty is the natural makeup look. The makeup French women wear is so understated, yet beautiful. It is never overdone. If you want something to stand out, choose a red lip and keep it neutral around the eyes. You can also reverse it and go with a smoky eye and nude lip color. The key here is to pick one area to accent while keeping the rest more minimal. However, our best tip is to ditch the foundation and use either a BB Cream or simply a creamy concealer. Use natural beauty to your advantage!

Hair is one of the easiest parts of French girl beauty. It’s easily tossed into a braid for a casual look, thrown into a low pony, or air dried and slept in. Try brushing through your hair once or twice, and then leaving it down in its natural state. For a sleek look, do like the French and pull your hair back into a bun by the nape of your neck.

The most important thing to remember about French beauty is to just let your natural beauty shine through! Try and only use the basics you have to create your look. Take care of your skin with a good nighttime routine and be confident in your own beauty! 

How To Look Like A French Girl

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How To Look Like A French Girl

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