How to Get Glowy Skin (Even In The Cold!)

Stylisted - How to Get Glowy Skin in the Cold

Before we even address our thoughts on ‘strobing,’ we’ll give it the nod it deserves as one of the best makeup trends to catch on this year. Give us glowy skin over matte any day! We’re particularly big fans of adding light to the face (aka strobing or highlighting), as it’s something that almost anyone at any level of makeup expertise can do, unlike the regularly scary contouring trend.

One could argue that ‘strobing,’ as it’s been nicknamed, is a bolder form of highlighting, wherein you take your highlighter all over the face, rather than concentrating the product on solely the high points, as it’s traditionally done. Since makeup rules are meant to be broken, we strongly recommend giving it a go for yourself, if for nothing else, to find out how you like to highlight your face best. Here are our favorite products to give you an all-over glow, perfect for this upcoming holiday season:

  • Stila Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush in Rosewater – These blushes should’ve made a way bigger splash when they dropped this summer – they’re INCREDIBLE, as we’ve said before. This shade provides a soft and glowy sheen to the cheek in the prettiest pink color. Best of all? It doesn’t even look like you’re wearing anything.
what are your favorite products for getting that glow?
How to Get Glowy Skin (Even In The Cold!)

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How to Get Glowy Skin (Even In The Cold!)

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