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How To Get Beauty Products For (Almost!) Free

Stylisted - How To Get Beauty Products For (Almost!) Free

FREE makeup? That’s almost unheard of, right? Good makeup can cost a pretty penny and not everyone is looking to drop hundreds in their local Sephora on a regular basis. So today, spurred on by a recent attempt to save rather than splurge (who are we?!), we’re spilling all our secrets for getting makeup on the cheap. Keep reading for our best tips that have seriously saved us hundreds!


When attempting to save more ourselves, we took a page out of Tati (aka GlamLifeGuru on YouTube)’s book and started with what may sound a little crazy to some – couponing. Now, we realize it’s not the most glamorous thing to have a ton of clipped coupons hanging out in your purse, but if you’re looking to save on makeup, it’s absolutely the best and easiest way to do so. Tati takes advantage of her coupon habits by placing them with sales to really get the most bang for her buck. You can also double up on coupons, but we’ll get to that later ;). Coupons can come in the form of reward programs (like CVS’ ExtraBucks), manufacturer’s coupons, or store coupons. Some new displays even have tear-off coupons attached to them, so keep your eyes peeled! And don’t forget to go to the little machines at the front of some stores (like CVS!) and print out your reward coupons there before you start shopping.


As mentioned above, we highly recommend layering your coupons, either with sales or coupon-a-coupon (not a real phrase, but it sounds cool). To layer coupon-a-coupon, you have to use a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon (and/or a reward coupon). If you’re a pro at this, you can layer all 3 and watch the $$ melt away. Figuring out the math here can get kind of annoying, but it’s worth it for free makeup, haircare, and skincare!


This one is easy, and something you probably already do but should take advantage of more. CVS, in particular, has one of the best shopping reward programs we know of. If you’re a CVS member, you can earn “ExtraBucks,” which is basically free money to put towards CVS products (not only CVS brands, any products). Walgreens and Duane Reade have similar systems, but they’re honestly just not as rewarding (though do check the sales at those stores – sometimes they have better deals!). For high-end, Sephora can’t be beat in our opinion. Their Beauty Insider program is our favorite and allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend. Once you’ve reached a certain level you become a VIB and then, if you’re crazy like us, a VIB Rogue. When you’ve hit VIB level, you earn birthday gifts, get access to special sales (sometimes 20% off!), and more. Naturally, there are even more perks at the Rogue level. Ulta also has a similar program that many love, but it’s just personal preference.


We can’t stress sale shopping enough. You can score such great deals in the sale sections of Sephora & Ulta! Drugstores also have certain times of the year when they do sticker markdowns (green sticker = 30% off, etc.). When shopping sales high-end, we think it’s easiest to shop online. It’s much more organized and less chaotic than shopping the sales areas in store, plus you often find a lot more on sale. Sephora’s sale section is top-notch. We’re currently loving this travel brush set, this insanely luxorious skincare (!!), this Clarisonic kit, this highlighter and contour … the list goes on! Finally, it’s smart to shop sales directly on the sites of brands you love. Too Faced, Stila, Tarte, and many others have tons of items on sale directly on their sites that you may miss out on otherwise! Plus, they often offer a coupon code if you sign up for their email newsletters, so sign up, get your 15% off, and then unsubscribe ;).

And that’s it for now! We obviously can’t reveal all our secrets, but let us know if you’d like to hear more like this!


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How To Get Beauty Products For (Almost!) Free

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How To Get Beauty Products For (Almost!) Free

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