How to Create Your Own Headband Updo

Stylisted - How to Create Your Own Headband Updo

We’re back with a new December dare! This week, we have Lauren Katzberg, Stylisted’s Co-founder & CEO, trying out a DIY headband updo for the first time! {Psst: new to this series? Check out last week when Julia wore red eyeshadow and when Isabella wore black lipstick!} On to Lauren’s experience!

Stylisted - How to Create Your Own Headband Updo

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What’s so scary about that: Unless it’s keeping the hair out of my face for a workout, I don’t count headbands as an adult accessory I can pull off. I’ve seen many a stylish woman wear headbands to tie an entire look together, but when I imagine myself in one for the holidays, I’m sitting at the kiddie table.

The verdict: I can’t recommend this look enough, for both the style and ultimate ease. The headband serves to hold everything in place, so you don’t need any bobby pins or elastics… or hairspray. This 5-minute updo lasted 12 hours and the headband gave my all black outfit the perfect something extra.

I used leftover ribbon from presents to make the headband and will post a how-to tomorrow so you can too! For now, I’ll share how to execute this simple updo:


1. Secure the headband to the crown of your head so it’s sitting on top of all of your hair.
2. Gather your hair as if you’re about to put it in a ponytail, flip it over the elastic and tuck it into the headband. There is very little room for error here. If you missed some hair, go ahead and tuck it in. You can keep it loose and messy, or work to incorporate the hairs evenly across the headband.

The headband stayed put throughout the workday and into post-work drinks and dinner. I got complimented several times on the updo/accessory combo and it was pretty fun to share that I had made the headband myself. All in all, this look was a big winner sure to earn me a seat at the grown and sexy table!

Stylisted - How to Create Your Own Headband Updo

How to Create Your Own Headband Updo

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How to Create Your Own Headband Updo

Leftover Holiday Ribbon? Make a DIY Headband!

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