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High-Quality & Affordable Makeup Brands (You Haven’t Heard Of Yet)

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Walk into any makeup store, and you already know – without a doubt – which high-end or drugstore brands will be lining the shelves. Of course, predictability can be a good thing, especially when you’re trying to make a two-minute Sephora stop to pick up that concealer you ran out of last week. But, don’t you ever wish you had more options?

As much as everyone loves their go-to makeup brands, we believe that venturing outside of your cosmetic comfort zone every once in awhile is the best way to find products you just can’t live without. That’s why, the next time you’re looking to test out a new beauty product (or ten), we suggest taking a look at these hidden gems:

  1. Morphe

    If YouTube makeup gurus Jaclyn Hill and Manny Mua can’t stop gushing over this brand,  you know it has to be amazing. Morphe is known best for its makeup brushes, which are used by professional makeup artists across the country. In particular, we recommend trying out this contour brush, a dupe for the Nars Kabuki ITA brush. And, while the makeup brushes alone may just be the steal of the century, you’ll also love Morphe professional eyeshadow palettes for their high pigmentation and easy blending.

  2. BH Cosmetics

    BH Cosmetics regularly collaborates with celebrities, including Ashley Tisdale and Carli Bybel, to create versatile palettes that look great with any skin tone and eye color. While we wouldn’t say BH Cosmetics is high-end, we still think it’s a great alternative to comparable drugstore brands such as NYX or Milani. If you’re not sure where to start with your online shopping, we love this $7 satin bronzer for a sun-kissed, glowy finish. This creamy waterproof lip liner also makes a statement with bold color options and a smooth application.

  3. Ben Nye

    If face powder is your holy grail or you enjoy baking your makeup, then you may already know a thing or two about Ben Nye. Originally designed for theatre actors and drag queens, Ben Nye makeup is about as long-lasting as it gets. Even Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist has shared that he uses Ben Nye Banana Powder to create Kim’s signature red carpet look. Thankfully, Ben Nye isn’t priced for celebrities, but comes in large quantities for an affordable price. While Ben Nye’s finishing powders are our go-to faves, we’re also loving this finishing spray to keep makeup in place all day.

  4. ColourPop

    ColourPop is a breath of fresh air for anyone who is tired of rocking a nude lip. From coral to deep purple, this brand’s matte lip products are some of the most stunning we’ve ever seen. In other words, this no time for choosing favorites! Once applied, vibrant color locks into place for a look that truly doesn’t smudge. Trust us, we’ve put it to the test. We also love this glowy champagne highlighter – one swipe to the cheekbones and you’ll be set for any date or girls night out!

  5. Makeup Geek

    We’re blushing over this cheeky compact blush! Although Makeup Geek prices lean more towards the higher end, we’ve noticed that a little bit of product goes a long way to grace the skin with a flawless pop of all-day color. YouTube stars Manny Mua and Kathleen Lights have also been huge advocates of the brand, collaborating with Makeup Geek to design their own bold products. Our personal favorite is this warm-toned eyeshadow palette, just in time for fall and pumpkin spice lattes.



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High-Quality & Affordable Makeup Brands (You Haven’t Heard Of Yet)

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High-Quality & Affordable Makeup Brands (You Haven’t Heard Of Yet)

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