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Weekly Beauty Link Love #49

Stylisted - Charcoal Skincare, Half-Up Halo Braid, and More

This week, we started a fun new series over on our Instagram, highlighting one of our stylists and some of their content. Our stylists are so talented and creative, so it’s always fun to show off their talents whenever we can. If you have a favorite stylist you’d like to see us feature next, let us know in the comments below! Now on to this week’s links.


  • Charcoal has been trending for quite a while and we’re working on a post of our own to give you all the details about this magical little detoxifying ingredient. For now, turn to London Beauty Queen for the rundown on how charcoal can keep your skin clear and healthy.
  • Empties posts (and videos) are some of our favorite. Chriselle shared some recent empties including 2 Darphin products we’re dying to try, plus a drugstore mascara that sounds incredible!
  • It’s time for a beauty refresh! Kat changed up her beauty look for spring with a smokier eye and we’re loving it (find out how to get our take here).


  • Though if you’re in the mood for some spring cleaning, we have a guide for that, too!

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Weekly Beauty Link Love #49

The Best Beauty Looks From the 2016 Oscars

Weekly Beauty Link Love #49

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