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Hair Trend: Balayage

Hair Trend- Balayage - Stylisted

Last year, Kristin Ess’ “lob” made waves in hair styles everywhere. From Lauren Conrad to Lucy Hale (both clients of Ess), everyone was making sure to #cleartheshoulders. Even at Stylisted, we had a few of our own jump on the trend for its easy maintenance and fresh look.

This year, we’re noticing an attention to color. The traditionally high-fashion white-blonde is popping up on everyone from celebrities to bloggers (though, Kim K, WHY?). Besides white-blonde, we’ve been seeing balayage mentioned by models and magazines for the past few months, so, being as beauty curious as we are, we decided to try it out for ourselves.


Balayage is a form of painting color onto the hair (no foils required, though your hair will be wrapped up in Saran Wrap) for a natural, softer coloring look. This method enhances your natural color without painting over it, so it grows out incredibly naturally and you’re not stuck in the salon every 4-6 weeks (or just putting it off, like us).


The Balayage process is similar to that of foil highlights. Your stylist will paint the color on your dry hair freehand (hence the lack of foil), let it sit for 30 minutes (possibly under heat for the last bit), and then direct you to get it washed. The freehand style allows for the color to look more natural, so your roots WILL be showing. The color is only saturated at the very tips of the hair, as the color is painted on to the surface.


We loved it! It’s still taking us a little bit of time to get used to the fact that, yes, our roots are still showing, but it’s much more natural looking and keeps us free from the salon and coloring process for even longer!


What are your thoughts on this trend? Is it something you’ll be trying this year?

{Image via Anh Co for Refinery29}

Hair Trend: Balayage

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Hair Trend: Balayage

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